How to Make Up the Damage from Eating Refined Carbs

How to Make Up the Damage from Eating Refined Carbs. Bread, pasta, crackers, sugar, etc. Refined carbs do not give you the protection of anti-oxidants. Affects of carbs – microvascular inflammation, damage to nerves, etc. Fish, seafood (Omega 3), co-enzyme Q10. Do not get your anti-oxidants from synthetic vitamins. You want to get your anti-oxidants from real food – salad, veggies, green tea. Avoid grains, ice cream, chips, and BBQ Ribs (where you combine sugar and protein), etc.

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Losing Weight After 60 is Possible! Just Get Rid Of These 8 Things

Unhealthy weight gain is a common experience esepcially once you hit mid-life. And while it seems hard to loose weight as you get older, it is NOT impossible to do so. Here are some proven techniques in dealing with managing your weight as you age.

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Self-Doubt & The Subconscious Mind.

We all experience moments of self-doubt, no matter how successful we are. And no matter what stage in life we are. Self-doubt is part of our human experience. Often derived as a result of the messaging we heard and subsequently inherited within our subconscious minds. Messaging from our family, society, and the media. How can we overcome self-doubt?

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